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Inspiring & Fun! Leadercast Woman 2022 - Amplify!

This Event Celebrated & Encouraged Women To Unlock & Amplify Their Authentic Voices!

Leadercast Women Amplify brought together many women in leadership, small business owners, and women in the workforce.

The event delivered the message of using our authentic voices to be appreciated, valued, and recognized in our workplaces.  The participants learned the power of speaking up, discovering our leadership, owning our story, making daily brave choices, and taking back our voices. 

This event was graciously hosted by Danielle Larivee. Community Futures for Lesser Slave Lake Region organized this annual Leadercast Women Event to encourage more and grow more Women Leaders in our community. Leaders that are worth following and will positively impact our community. Attendees walked away inspired and took home many motivating words from the stories shared by these world-class speakers- an unforgettable day indeed.

Our Leadercast Woman 2022 - Amplify Photo Gallery

Our Voices Amplified - Interviews

Our Voices Amplified - Interview with Kristen Ozero

Our Voices Amplified - Interview with Tannis Fiddler

Our Voices Amplified - Interview with Megan Vlooswyk

Our Voices Amplified - Interview with Frankie Ward

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LEADERCAST WOMEN 2022 - AMPLIFY! Event Information

When: Thursday, November 10, 2022 - Starts at 9:30 am MST

Where: Legacy Centre, Slave Lake, AB

Cost: $79.99 per ticket (Price includes breakfast, lunch & snack)


Also Included: Women In Business Showcase!

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About Leadercast Women 2022 - Amplify!

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