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Capital Growth Initiative

Capital Growth Initiative

Empowering women entrepreneurs to start or grow a business in Alberta.

Offering low-interest business loans, advice and support.

We believe in Women Entrepreneurs 

Offering flexible low-interest small business loans, ongoing support and advice for women entrepreneurs in rural Alberta.

Start or Grow Your Rural Small Business


Whether you're just starting out, or looking for support to take your business to the next level, there are many challenges along the way and sometimes it feels like you're on your own.


Flexible Small Business Loans for Women Entrepreneurs Up To $10,000


Access low-interest loans designed specifically for women entrepreneurs, and offers flexible repayment options and forgivable loan portions if conditions are met.

Apply for personalized financing of $10,000 giving you the freedom you need to reach your goals.

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Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake Logo
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A Team of Experts By Your Side


Grow your skills as a small business owner and receive ongoing support from local business experts in your community.


Community Futures small business supports are tailored to fit your needs and schedule. Get access to trusted advisors that can help you gain the skills and training you need to start and grow your small business.


How we support you:

  • Connect with other local business owners and build your network.

  • Access and explore resources and meet with a Business Advisor you can trust to talk about your business goals.

  • Receive ongoing small business support and opportunities to develop your skills, manage your business and plan for the future.


We are the first stop for new entrepreneurs and existing small businesses in rural Alberta.

Alberta Women’s Economic Recovery – Capital Growth Initiative Loan

Get Started Now


Our loan application process is broken down into 3 stages:


Step 1: Submit an Eligibility Assessment
Step 2: Complete the Loan Application*
Step 3: Loan Application Review*


Ready to start your eligibility assessment?



*Loan applications are subject to an Application Fee of $200.00. Approved loans are subject to an Administration Fee of $500.00.

There is no fee to submit an Eligibility Assessment.

Funds for this initiative are limited. Full requested loan amount may not be available.

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What Makes This Loan Unique?


Women entrepreneurs can apply for an unsecured conditionally repayable loan of 10,000.​

  • Am I eligible? Do I qualify for a loan?
    Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake Region may help finance viable business ventures for start-up, expansion or the purchase of an existing business. We are happy to accept loan applications for financing businesses within the Lesser Slave Lake Region. For more information, schedule an appointment with the Business Analyst at our office by calling 780-849-3232. Loan Eligibility: The applicant must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Canada The business must be located within the Lesser Slave Lake Region Employment should be created or maintained in the region Applicant has the ability to repay the loan from business income The business is economically viable The business has competent management and staff, with the relevant operational skills The applicant or business provides adequate security for the loans Usually applicants will not be considered in any of the following situations: The applicant is in bankruptcy The applicant has an outstanding court judgement The applicant is unable to provide proof of residency For more information, schedule an appointment with the Business Analyst at our office by calling 780-849-3232.
  • How do I apply for a Community Futures loan?
    Complete the forms in the Loan Application package and a Business Plan, which can be found on the Business Loan webpage. Upon completion of these forms, please email to our Business Analyst at The complete Loan Application package consists of: 1. Pre-loan Checklist 2. Personal Overview 3. Guarantor Overview 4. Loan Application 5. Due Diligence Checklist The Business Plan consists of: 1. Business Plan 2. Cash Flow Projections Please feel free to contact our Business Analyst at 780 849-3232 extension 03, or by email at to arrange business counselling sessions for assistance in the completion of the Loan Application package and Business Plan.
  • Can I combine Community Futures financing with other borrowing?
    If you are looking for a loan for your business, you must contact a bank first. Then, if you are unable to secure appropriate financing under reasonable terms elsewhere, you may be able to get financing through Community Futures.
  • Do I need to have a certain amount of money, assets and/or resources before applying for a business loan?"
    If you are interested in applying for a Community Futures business loan, you must be prepared to make a personal investment. We ask that you provide cash plus security (such as vehicles, equipment, land, buildings, etc.) to back the loan. This shows that you are committed to making your business work. For more information, contact your local Community Futures office.
  • Will my credit rating be considered before applying for a business loan?
    Yes. All financial institutions including Community Futures will run a credit check on you or your incorporated company to see if you have dealt responsibly with past loans and debt. A bad credit rating is a concern to most lenders, including Community Futures. If this is an issue, there are a number of things you can do to improve your credit rating. Feel free to contact us to discuss options.
  • Am I required to provide a business plan to apply?
    Yes. A business plan provides important information about your company's management expertise and viability. Almost all financial institutions, including Community Futures, requires that you prepare a business plan – and we can help you write it, or provide you with useful tips and tools. A good place to start is to complete the forms available for download on this page aboxe and work through the Loan Application and Business Plan Template. We are here to help walk you through every step of the business planning process. Learn more from the helpful experts at our Community Futures office by calling today at 780-849-3232
  • Typically, how long does it take to receive a decision on a loan application?"
    Community Futures strives to provide a decision for each loan application within 10 business days from the date the completed loan application (including all required support information and documentation) is received by the office. Contact our office to discuss loan products. The Loan Application package and checklist are available on this page for download.
  • Does the business need to be located in my community?
    Community Futures loans and services are available for businesses located within our region both in town limits and rural locations.
  • How do I appeal a declined loan application?
    Rejected Applications/Appeal Process: The General Manager or Business Analyst will inform the client immediately following the Investment Review Committee decision meeting. The applicant will be sent a letter outlining the reason(s) for the rejection of the application. Appeals will be addressed by the Investment Review Committee only. All appeals must be made in writing Upon an Appeal request: Investment Review Committee meets and review the loan application Committee analyzes the loan application and makes their final decision. Client is advised by authorized personnel within 24 hours of the decision. Only one appeal permitted per proposal, with the Board’s decision being final Redress Process: If the appeal is declined, the appellant may again appeal the decision in writing. The appeal should include reasons and new information supporting that appeal (redress.) For this appeal, a Redress or Appeals Committee consisting of not less than three (3) not more than seven (7) members representing two (2) or more Community Futures Corporations shall review the amended appeal application. This Adhoc Committee representative of Community Futures Corporations shall be the highest level of authority. Accordingly, the decision will be considered final and binding on behalf of the Corporation that assessed, reviewed and declined the original and the initial appeal applications. If this joint Ad Hoc Appeals Committee, representing two or more CF Corporations, upholds the appeal and grants approval to the investment (loan) request as amended, the standard lending processes of the original CF Corporation will be undertaken and completed. A fee plus all expenses associated with the Ad Hoc Committee shall be the responsibility of the appellant There are options available if your application could not be funded at this time. Please contact us for more details.
Have Questions?


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our Business Analyst Robin-Lee Vance by phone or email. You can also book a meeting directly with the links below:

Phone: 1-780-849-3232


Alberta Women’s Economic Recovery – Capital Growth Initiative
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Funded by the Government of Alberta, this initiative will provide $3 million in grant funding to the Community Futures Network of Alberta (CFNA) to increase access to capital through flexible low-interest small business loans and offer business advisory supports to women entrepreneurs in rural Alberta through a network of Community Futures locations.

We’re Here to Help!


At Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake Region, we understand rural start-up businesses like no other. We come from the same community you live in. We know what it’s like and we’re determined to make things work for you.

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