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Hyperdrive Women in Business Summit

EmpowHER: Pave Your Way to Success!

March 15- 17, 2024 - Jasper, AB

Calling all women in business, leaders, and workforce!

Ladies, prepare to shift into high gear for a transformative weekend at Hyperdrive - An Empowering Summit for Women Business Owners! This is not just any summit - it's a thrilling journey filled with inspiration, relaxation, and knowledge that will propel you toward greatness, connect you with other dynamic women and provide you with a wealth of invaluable insights - all while having the time of your life.

That's why we've carefully curated a lineup of speakers who are not only experts in their fields but also women who have paved their paths to success. Their stories will fuel your determination and inspire you to push your boundaries, break through barriers, and accelerate toward new horizons.

At Hyperdrive, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge that will enhance yourself. Whether mastering the art of sales, harnessing the power of mindfulness, solving people's problems with AI, or refining your leadership skills, you'll leave Hyperdrive equipped with the resources to accelerate yourself and your business to the next level.

Hyperdrive is not just about inspiration and knowledge - it's about creating unforgettable experiences that will leave you feeling empowered and invigorated. Invest in yourself! Come and join us at Hyperdrive!

Our Speakers:

Nita Knapp

Nita is Your Mind Renewal Coach.

She is passionate about empowering women in mindset, alignment, connection, communication and igniting their unique visions. On stage, Nita is delighted to witness women ready to shift their perspectives, activating a renewed mindset, confidence, hope, and empowerment.

Tracy Persson

Tracy is the CEO of My Breast Day Inc., is a breast cancer survivor and serial

entrepreneur from Grande Prairie, AB. She has a background in business

administration and a history of successful business ventures. Tracy is a dedicated mentor and philanthropist, actively involved in supporting vulnerable communities and promoting human rights. Her leadership at My Breast Day is driven by her commitment to improving breast cancer awareness

and support. Tracy Persson's path is marked by steadfast resilience and a

dedicated commitment to fostering positive transformations

Lynsey Dalen

Lynsey Dalen is a sales specialist and empowerment coach who is passionate

about helping women succeed in sales. With over 20 years of sales and business

experience, she knows how to educate and inspire women to let go of the fears

that have been holding them back. She believes that personal selling skills are the

most important asset that a woman can have in the pursuit of her big ambitions

and Lynsey is determined to smash the sales stigma!

Christine Fehr

Christine Fehr is an entrepreneur, author, and

leadership/ empowerment trainer. Whose passion is to serve and support people worldwide by sharing her story. She delivers a strong message that we are not a product of our past, but rather a product of the choices we make and the actions we are willing to take in order to effect change and make an impact.

For more than 25 years, she has worked in the health and wellness industry promoting

overall wellness using a mindfulness-based, holistic approach. Over the last decade, she has dedicated her career to mental and emotional wellness. Building a non-profit from the ground up through homelessness and hard times to a thriving organization supporting youth, and families across our regions

Sue Harvey

Leadership Trainer, Author & Entrepreneur

Like many uniformed members, Sue fell through the cracks of her organization, left to battle her OSI all on her own. She refused to continue to live in the darkness that was her PTSD and began her transition from a state of Post-Traumatic Stress, to Post-Traumatic Growth. She completed her Bachelor of Integrated Studies as well as extensive training on the emotional, neurological and spiritual effects of trauma, which only strengthened her desire to help others.

Lenie Asedillo Zuniga

Lenie started her career as a sales trainer for many years. She then transitioned to human resources where she was exposed to executive recruitment, placement, labor management, and

employee development. Her stint with a Japanese multi-national company strengthened her employee relations skills and aptitude for organizational development. As a training consultant, she has led organizations to increase team cohesiveness and performance. Lenie’s struggles and life challenges as professional has driven her to inspire immigrants to strive harder to flourish in Canada. Lenie has worked with women’s groups as a volunteer and board member for years. As a leader, she saw the great need to increase awareness of equity and respect for women workers, housewives and business owners. She has started a series of learning sessions called Power Within for Women in Calgary, where women entrepreneurs gather to learn, share successes, and support each other to achieve life and business goals.

Jennifer Ireson

Balanced Perspectives Founder Jennifer Ireson’s mission is powerfully clear – to help

business owners meet their mission by building strong teams and by creating an

accessible path through the complex world of Human Resources. Jennifer’s passion

stems from continuing to discover the multifaceted nature of her industry and

connecting people to the best opportunities that will help them reach their full


Emilee Friesen

Emilee Friesen is the courageous founder of Animo, a ten-week online program focused on helping people improve their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Following her own mental health challenges and personal experience of a life-shattering event, Emilee struggled with debilitating PTSD, entering in-patient psychiatric care and spending several years in therapy.

Eunice Friesen

Eunice Friesen is a respected community leader and successful entrepreneur in Peace Country. Her career is marked by the successful founding of various organizations in the public, non-profit, and private sectors. Notably, her entrepreneurial ventures have garnered widespread recognition, including the prestigious Alberta Small Business of the Year Award in 2019.

Chana Trudel

Chana Trudel, the vibrant driving force behind Truly Creative Marketing (TCM) and a seasoned marketing professional with over 14 years of experience. Chana's journey is marked by resilience and innovation, steering TCM to become a beacon of empowerment for women entrepreneurs. As the proud Indigenous Métis founder, Chana's mission is crystal clear: simplify marketing strategies to grant remarkable women entrepreneurs the invaluable gift of time freedom within their businesses. This mission is interwoven into TCM's ethos, where innovation meets with compassion, and marketing becomes a tool for female entrepreneurs to flourish.

Her dynamic approach goes beyond standardized services, enabling her to deeply understand her clients' businesses and goals, allowing her to craft a clear and personalized marketing strategy. Beyond her role as a business leader, Chana passionately advocates for inclusivity and proudly celebrates her Indigenous Métis heritage. She takes pride in carving out space and opportunities for other Indigenous Entrepreneurs in the business world. Chana is a trailblazer committed to transforming the marketing landscape, and empowering female business owners by reshaping the narrative of success, one empowered woman at a time.

Teresa Bateman

Teresa Bateman is an instinctive and practical professional with over 30 years of senior leadership in health care, regulation, standards, and competence development. She is an accomplished public speaker, editor, writer, published author, communicator, and entrepreneur. Teresa has achieved a Master of Arts in Professional Communications from Royal Roads University, where she studied team dynamics. She developed a keen interest in organizational culture and psychological safety through her studies, presenting throughout Alberta, Canada, and internationally. 

Cecilia Mzvondiwa

A lawyer who practices Immigration, Human Rights and Family.

Cecilia was born and raised in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). She attended the University of Zimbabwe and obtained a Bachelor of Arts Dual Honors in Philosophy and Religion in 2000. She taught History and Religion at the Dominican Convent High School. She then moved to Canada at the end of 2001. In Canada, she pursued her education and obtained a Masters's degree in Human Security and Peace Building from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. She then enrolled in law school and obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of South Africa in 2014. She then worked on the conversion process to obtain her Canadian law degree equivalency through the Federal Law Societies of Canada, then did her articles to practice law in Canada

Breakout sessions:

  • Breakout 1 - Salsa dancing w/Celest Robinson

  • Breakout 2- Painting DIY w/Caffeine & Chaos

  • Breakout 3- Creating Social Media Content w/ Chana Trudel

  • Breakout 4- Outdoor Walk w/Erin Weeks


  • Friday- Sunday - March 15-17, 2024


  • Forest Park Hotel - 76 Connaught Drive Jasper, AB

  • Room Info & Rate: Call the reservation department at 1-866-606-6700 and use the Group Code

  • Hotel Booking Group Code: 2614281

Ticket Cost: $161.08

  • Friday - Dinner not included

  • Saturday - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Sunday - Brunch & Snacks

  • Grab your lady friends and get 10% off with code: GALENTINES.

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