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Featured Keynote Speaker Sheila Newel | Labour Solutions Summit

Sheila Newel | Senior HR Consultant

Sheila Newel is a Senior Human Resources Consultant with extensive experience training others in human resources, leadership, and management skills: specific presentation topics include enhancing performance, resolving conflict, negotiating, mediating, communicating effectively, and improving processes.

Owner operator of HRMD, a company whose vision statement is “work better together”, Newel inspires through a passionate belief that the choices we make can strongly influence our own and our organization’s future in positive rather than negative ways. She readily connects with audiences and her expertise on matters relating to Human Resources shines through. Sheila offers audiences practical insights on doing the “hard stuff” first, including managing difficult conversations and augmenting front line leadership skills while learning on the job.

Easier Isn’t Always Better; It Must Also Be Effective

How to find and retain the right employee.

During challenging labour markets, we need to do two things: weather the storm and continue to build for the future. We can do that by finding the right employee and then retaining the right employee. How to accomplish that goal is central to this presentation.

A recent study on Labour Shortages has established automation as making it “easier” for companies to hire; however, much as automation assists us (and it does), what is easier for us isn’t always synonymous with what is best for us, nor with what is easier for potential employees to find us.

You will discover …

  • Techniques for ensuring a match between you, your organization, and your right employee, and

  • How listening for and measuring capability and willingness will, in turn, improve hiring, retention, and productivity.

A central enlightenment thinker, Immanuel Kant, told us to act in such a way that we treat humanity never merely as a means to an end, but also as an end itself.

Keynote Speaker Eric Termuende for the Spark the North Labour Solutions Summit

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Learn More about the Labour Solutions Summit

What Is the Labour Solutions Summit?

Spark the North Labour Solutions Summit Logo

You're invited on Thursday, May 26, 2022, to gather among like-minded policymakers, business owners, human resource members, and recruitment experts from different industries to learn & discuss the solutions needed to attract and enhance a strong workforce 🌱🌅

The Labour Solutions Summit will serve as a venue to engage participants with the speakers and exchange intelligence to identify the strategies for attracting & retaining a talented pool of employees in the Lesser Slave Lake Region.

Featuring 3 Keynote Speakers

The "SPARK THE NORTH" - Labour Solutions Summit will feature 3 prominent keynote speakers including Eric Termuende, Kristen Cumming, and Sheila Newel 🗣️

Save The Date

The event takes place on Thursday, May 26, 2022.

The Location

Taking place at the Triangle Hall, in High Prairie, Alberta.

Ticket Information

The price of your ticket includes a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack for $43.45 per ticket. Tickets & seating are limited due to capacity. Get your ticket today to save your seat!

Who Is This Event For?

The SPARK THE NORTH: Labour Solutions Summit is for small business owners, business executives, employment managers, human resource professionals, municipal leaders, recruitment experts, and people from the academic world to explore economic development opportunities from different industries to learn & discuss the solutions needed to attract and enhance a strong workforce

This event is open to all residents in our Lesser Slave Lake Region including High Prairie to Slave Lake to Wabasca and everything in between!

The communities located in the Lesser Slave Lake Region that we serve include Assineau, Atikameg, Big Prairie, Canyon Creek, Decrene, Desmarais, Driftpile, East Prairie, Enilda, Faust, Fawcett Lake, Gift Lake, Grouard, Grouard Mission, High Prairie, Joussard, Kinuso, Little Buffalo, Loon Lake, Municipal District of Opportunity, Mitsue, Peerless Lake, Red Earth Creek, Sandy Lake, Saulteaux, Sawridge Reserve, Slave Lake, Sucker Creek, Swan River Reserve, Trout Lake, Wabasca, Wabasca-Desmarais, Wagner, and Wide Water

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