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Spark The North: Labour Solutions Summit

"Attracting Tomorrow's Greatest Workforce"

On May 26, 2022, the "SPARK THE NORTH" - LABOUR SOLUTIONS SUMMIT will gather business owners, business executives, entrepreneurs, human resources, municipal leaders, and recruitment experts from different industries to receive the proven solutions needed to attract top talents and enhance workforce development.

The Labour Solutions Summit will serve as a venue to engage with speakers and exchange intelligence to identify strategies for attracting & retaining a talented pool of employees in the Lesser Slave Lake Region. The professional global speakers will share information on foundational strategies that will improve your understanding of the decisions that directly influence our workforce. Learn how you can better attract potential skilled team members and enhance your workforce & team retention.

SPARK THE NORTH: Labour Solutions Summit

When: Thursday, May 26, 2022

Where: Triangle Hall, High Prairie, Alberta

Cost: $43.45 per ticket (Meals Included: Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Snack)


Spark the North Labour Solutions Summit Logo

9:00 AM - Doors Open

9:30 AM - Welcome

9:45 AM - KEYNOTE: Eric Termuende

10:45 AM - KEYNOTE: Sheila Newel

11:45 AM - Panel Discussion

12:15 PM - Lunch Break

1:00 PM - World Cafe

1:45 PM - KEYNOTE: Kristen Cumming

2:45 PM - Question & Answer Session

3:00 PM - Close



Eric Termuende is the co-founder of NoW of Work, author of the bestselling book Rethink Work, and global keynote speaker. Growing up in Cranbook BC, Eric knows the incredible advantages of small-town living and the incredible lives people have in them. Eric has been on nearly 400 stages and worked with and studies the greatest companies in the world, he knows what it takes to not just build incredible teams, but also attract talent to the regions most desperately needing it, While Eric is trusted by companies like Amazon, Zoom, IBM and Coca-Cola, he also works with various chambers of commerce, regional tourism districts, community futures groups, and cities and municipalities across the country.


Kristen Cumming's life work is focused on improving the connection between people and their work. Her twenty years of experience in career development and human resources is complemented by a passion for demography. Demography is a powerful tool to explore workforce trends due to its relative stability and predictability. She has the ability to connect with audiences by researching each organization and audience so that her presentation is relevant for each attendee. Kristen shows that one of the most predictable forces of change facing organizations now is that change itself is happening at an increasingly rapid pace. Organizations are challenged to keep pace and make decisions with both agility and clarity to remain competitive in an increasingly turbulent business environment. This is the time to engage the breadth and depth of the learning capacity within an organization. Leading, therefore, must be centered on the ability to steward the learning of teams and individuals.


Sheila Newel is a Senior Human Resources Consultant with extensive experience providing and training others in human resources, leadership, and management skills such as performance management, coaching, conflict management, process improvement, future of work, and career planning. Newel inspires through a passionate and articulate belief that the choices we make strongly influence our own and our organization’s future in positive or negative ways. She readily connects with audiences and her expertise on matters relating to Human Resources shines through. Sheila offers audiences practical insights on communication, conflict management, difficult conversations, leadership, change management, teamwork, workplace culture, employee management, staff retention, staff recruitment, talent management, influence, and negotiation.

About the World Café

A World Café - is an informal cafe setting that will allow participants for a more relaxed and open conversation. There will be different booths set up with core topics for participants to explore. It hopes to encourage participants to write their inputs and suggestions related to the issues. Participants will also be allowed to network during this World Café Hour by discussing other issues affecting their strategies in attracting and retaining a talented pool of employees.​


  1. Challenges

  2. Organizational Culture

  3. Perks/Benefits

  4. Recruitment Ideas

About Spark the North

An initiative by Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake Region to organize events to bring together all municipal leaders, small business owners, business executives, employment & recruitment experts, and people from the academic world to explore economic development opportunities and educate participants on foundational knowledge that will improve their ability to grow and face the different business challenges in the future.

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