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A & D Laser Engraving - A Digital Economy Program Success Feature

Featuring Amanda of A & D Laser Engraving

A & D Laser Engraving is a locally owned business in Slave Lake, Alberta that specializes in laser engraving and cutting of various materials. They are known for their beautiful custom home decor pieces that are customized according to their client's wishes. They have the expertise and the creativity to make whatever you can imagine - from personalized coasters, and corporate key chains to customized wedding favours.

Recently, they joined the Digital Economy Program (DEP) to boost their online presence. With the support of the DEP team, A & D Laser Engraving has taken their marketing to a whole new level.

Sunny- one of the Digital Service Squad team members helped A & D create their Google My Business (GMB) profile that allowed them to be discovered online and reach more customers. Sunny was instrumental in guiding A & D through the creation process and helped them to optimize their Google profile.

Sunny was also responsible for teaching A & D how to optimize their social media content. She provided her with some training on how to use hashtags and stickers in their content creation to increase their online presence.

Additionally, the DEP team also collaborated with A & D to create a new website that showcased their impressive portfolio and range of services. Divine our Digital Economy Program Lead created the website while Sunny guided Amanda – the business owner through the process of walking through the website and taught her how to edit it.

A & D Laser Engraving's experience with the Digital Economy Program definitely helped them. They now have a stronger online presence, a user-friendly website, and a better understanding of how to optimize their social media content. They can now focus on their core business and that is to create custom-made products that will appeal to their current and future customers.

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What Is The Digital Economy Program?

The Digital Economy Program (DEP) is designed to help small businesses in Alberta undergo digital transformations and adopt eCommerce practices. DEP is delivered by Business Link in collaboration with Digital Main Street and funded by the Government of Alberta and Prairies Economic Development Canada.

Have Questions About The Digital Economy Program?

If you have any questions or require any further information please feel free to reach out to our Office Manager, Divine Kitchen by phone or email. You can also book a meeting directly with the links below:


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