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BWorthy Bra Boutique – A Digital Economy Program Success Story

Featuring Michelle and Janice of BWorthy Bra Boutique

Today we’re featuring Michelle and Janice of

BWorthy Bra Boutique is located in Slave Lake, Alberta. As a newly opened bra Store in Slave Lake, Michelle and Janice were trying to find better ways to improve their store awareness and sales.

Our Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake Digital Service Squad (DSS) team member Sunny Kwon worked with BWorthy Bra Boutique to improve its online presence and sales.

Our DSS team member Sunny taught BWorthy Bra Boutique owners Michelle and Janice Sunny how to improve their digital presence, gave them wonderful tips on how to create quality posts, and emphasized the importance of posting more regularly. They learned how to use hashtags and helpful engagement tips.

After applying what they’ve learned, BWorthy noticed an increase in their sales and the store became busier than before. Both women started with FREE Digital Training Courses and the additional courses that were offered by the Digital Economy Program. The result is that Michelle and Janice now have a better understanding of social media marketing. People began following BWorthy Bra Boutique on Facebook and the store became well-known in Slave Lake. They heard people really liked their online presence and are always looking forward to seeing what new products they are offering.

“Currently, we are working with our recent CDAP grant and are hoping to have a functional website.” says Michelle.

Once they realized the need for bra products and undergarments in our region, the women started BWorthy Bra Boutique in August 2021. Before opening their store, women in our region would often need to drive three hours to the nearest city to find well-fitted and functional undergarments. “Nothing will fit and support..“ Michelle stated.

The beautiful BWorthy Bra Boutique has become a place for women in Slave Lake and the surrounding communities to conveniently purchase quality bras, underwear, and lingerie. It also became a safe place for women to vent and feel worthy. It has become a place of encouragement for women to always feel good about themselves while being body-positive.

BWorthy Bra Boutique is proud to source its products in Canada and some of the UK. They offer all-natural care products that are eco-friendly, and the prices are very reasonable. The store boasts a wide selection of beautiful bras and panties. At the BWorthy Bra Boutique, they sell bras, underwear, self-care products, shapewear, nylons, pantyhose, sleepwear, personal hygiene, facial products, natural and cruelty-free products, and natural rinse-free laundry soap.

BWorthy Bra Boutique’s vision is to support people’s confidence and self-esteem. They do this through bra fitting sessions, retailing of well-fitted bras and related products, and exceptional customer service. This ensures that their customers leave with products that they are comfortable and happy with.

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