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NEW - Beautification Loan Program

Take Your Business to the Next Level

We want to encourage creativity and design by offering a no-interest business loan to renovate and beautify businesses in our region.

What Is Our Beautification Loan

Businesses can access interest-free loans, for a term of 3 years, to participate in community beautification efforts. Once a business has accessed a loan and successfully paid off the initial loan, it can access an additional loan for more improvements under community beautification, if additional funds are available. Home-based businesses will need to be assessed to determine if they qualify.

Note: Applicants must complete the improvements within 12 months of receiving the loan, and the loan must remain in good standing to keep the loan interest-free. Limited funds are available.

Eligibility: Businesses within the following municipalities can apply for a three-year interest-free beautification loan: the Town of Slave Lake, the Municipal District of Opportunity, and Big Lakes County.

What This Loan Can Be Used For

To make visible improvements in the appearance, design and function of the business by:

  1. Adding visual interest and variety at the street level, emphasizing active storefronts, orientating windows and doorways to the street

  2. Improving the interior view of shops, restaurants and other commercial spaces through the use of clear glass and storefront designs that utilize window display areas

  3. Coordinating façade improvements with neighbouring buildings and supporting the character of the neighbourhood business area

  4. Exposing unique architectural details that have been hidden by previous changes to the façade

  5. Undertaking general cleaning of the building exterior, repairing faded or damaged areas of the facade

  6. Improving accessibility for all individuals

Eligible Improvements Include:

  1.  Design and installation of external signs (in accordance with sign bylaw)

  2.  Design and installation of awnings

  3.  Exterior lighting of the building and sign(s)

  4.  Removal and disposal of broken sign(s) and fixtures

  5.  Restoration of exterior finishes and repainting

  6.  Removal of exterior materials that cover architectural  details

  7.  New architectural details (i.e. new entryway, cornices)

  8.  Repair or design and replace storefront windows and  doors

  9.  Addition of patio areas and permanent landscaping  elements

  10.  Interior window display areas and lighting

  11.  Interior painting

  12.  Interior flooring (i.e. carpet, laminate, tile, hardwood)

  13.  Shelving (permanent)

  14.  Interior counters and display cases

  15.  Interior light fixtures

  16.  Creation of new retail bays in an existing building (in accordance with the development and building bylaws)

*This list is not all-encompassing. Other improvements could be eligible if they meet the objectives of the program and comply with municipal development regulations.

Request Your Application For The Beautification Loan Program

Complete the Application Request Form by clicking the button below, and navigating to Request Your Application Form, and our Business Analyst Robin-Lee will reach out to you with an application package for our Beautification Loan Program.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or require any further information please feel free to reach out to our Business Analyst Robin-Lee Vance by phone or email. You can also book a meeting directly with the links below:


Phone: 1-780-849-3232

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