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Toniroz Grill & Restaurant: Celebrating 10 Years - A Digital Economy Program Success Feature

Featuring Toni & Roselle Ducusin of Toniroz Grill & Restaurant

Toniroz Grill & Restaurant has been a staple in Slave Lake, AB for over a decade. The restaurant is known for serving authentic Filipino & Asian dishes and an all-you-can-eat buffet, as well as other Western dishes. They are also famous for being an event place for birthday parties, baptismal, weddings or other special events. Over the years, the restaurant has continuously evolved and recently, Toniroz Grill & Restaurant had undergone a major renovation, transforming their restaurant space into an even more welcoming and inviting dining experience. With the new space, Toni & Roselle Ducusin – owners of Toniroz are excited to introduce videoke nights. They also now serve alcoholic drinks.

But the restaurant didn't stop there. They knew they needed to embrace the digital era and improve their online presence to reach out to more customers. They have partnered with the Digital Economy Program to learn about digital marketing and how to use it to their advantage. Using the skills they've learned through the program, Fatima, who is part of our CF Digital Service Squad has trained one staff member how to use Canva to create aesthetically appealing social media posts, the scheduling of their posts and the restaurant is now already seeing the positive results.

Through the Digital Economy Program, Toniroz has learned various techniques and ways to create visually appealing posts that showcase their brand. They've been using stickers, hashtags, and consistent branding to make sure their posts stand out. Toniroz now has a clear strategy in place for its online presence, which has resulted in both increased engagement and brand recognition.

Furthermore, Roselle Ducusin of Toniroz received an online audit created by the – (Digital Economy Program lead Divine Kitchen) that details all the marketing tactics they can use to improve their online presence. This detailed Digital Marketing Audit & Plan includes a one-month Social Media Marketing content that they can use to improve their online presence.

They are working on implementing these tactics in the coming weeks to further improve visibility and attract new customers. With a clear digital marketing strategy and a better understanding of the various tools available, Toniroz is confident in its ability to promote its restaurant even further.

Toniroz is dedicated to providing a great dining experience for their customers both in the restaurant and online. With their ever-evolving menu and continuous commitment to improvement, Toniroz's customers can always expect the best.

If you haven't checked out Toniroz Grill & Restaurant in Slave Lake, AB yet, now is the time! Stop by for great food, refreshing drinks, and a little bit of singing during their Karaoke nights. Toniroz Grill & Restaurant is ready to give you and your loved ones the perfect dining experience.

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The Digital Economy Program (DEP) is designed to help small businesses in Alberta undergo digital transformations and adopt eCommerce practices. DEP is delivered by Business Link in collaboration with Digital Main Street and funded by the Government of Alberta and Prairies Economic Development Canada.

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