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Benefits Of Gratitude In The Workplace

Have you thanked your employees recently?

We all know how difficult these past two years have been for everyone. A little gratitude and thankfulness for your team can go a long way in promoting a healthy workplace. For showing up, doing their job, filling in where necessary, especially during the pandemic.

Benefits Of Thanking An Employee For Doing Their Job

  • Employees will actually want to come to work

  • Great motivator - better than performance-related pay

  • Costs nothing

  • Increases employee wellbeing - results in happier & healthier employees

  • Boosts employee self-esteem

  • Employees tend to go beyond their job description

  • Improves relationships at work

  • More positive organizational culture

  • Improves employee retention

  • Being grateful reduces manager’s stress, improves the manager’s health

  • Nobody wants to work for an ungrateful boss

How To Show Gratitude (Thankfulness)

  • Be authentic

  • Acknowledge small things as well as big achievements

  • Do it often

  • Say thank you as soon as possible after the achievement or event

  • Use email or thank you cards, as well as verbal thank yous


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