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Capture Me Photobooth - A Digital Economy Program Success Feature

Featuring Crystal Libutan of Capture Me Photobooth

Today we’re featuring Crystal Libutan and her business Capture Me Photobooth. Crystal Libutan is originally from the Philippines. She was an event planner by profession. She opened her photobooth business in Slave Lake in November 2020. But due to COVID restrictions, her business was put to a halt.

In 2022, she wanted to relaunch her business and capture the potential opportunity of the holiday season.

Crystal was approached by Community Futures after she provided her services at a community event to see if she was interested in joining Digital Economy Program. After learning all its benefits, she decided to sign- up for the program. She knew that she really needed help to promote her business further and reach more customers.

Crystal started working with Sunny, our Digital Service Squad member, to create her Google Business Profile. She also received one-on-one coaching from her to learn the benefits of a Google Business Profile and tips that she could use to create engaging posts on social media. Sunny taught her how to create social media posts and use software to make it easier for her. After consulting with our DSS team Crystal also received support in the creation of a website through Fatima, a Digital Service Squad member.

“Fatima is really accommodating in all my requests and did a very good job in creating my first website. Having a website now that Fatima built helped me showcase all the great parties I served over the years since I started. It is great entertainment for guests during events as it also creates wonderful photo souvenirs. My website shows the services I am offering, and it is easier now for potential customers to find information about my business. I really recommend businesses to sign-up with DEP.”

- Crystal Libutan

Crystal felt more confident now with the knowledge she gained from the program. She is certain that it will help her promote her business online and create more digital awareness of her business

Capture Me Photobooth provides affordable IPAD photo booth rentals and 360 Photobooth. She started the business after knowing that photo booth rentals in the city usually charge huge extra travel fees.

Capture Me Photobooth creates unique one-of-a-kind photo and video booth experiences for any type of event. It serves the Slave Lake area and nearby surrounding communities. From first birthdays to milestone graduation to destination weddings. It creates fun and memorable parties.

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What Is The Digital Economy Program?

The Digital Economy Program (DEP) is designed to help small businesses in Alberta undergo digital transformations and adopt eCommerce practices. DEP is delivered by Business Link in collaboration with Digital Main Street and funded by the Government of Alberta and Prairies Economic Development Canada.

Have Questions About The Digital Economy Program?

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